About Us

We celebrate the 300th Anniversary of the beloved Christmas song “Joy to the World” during December worship. Advent is a time for preparation of hearts, not just for purchasing of gifts. Join us this Sunday for exciting worship at 10 am.


Our pastor is Reverend David Tatgenhorst. Our deacon is Pastor Joanne Miles.

In 2014, we renovated our sanctuary. The new look is not only beautiful, but helps us to rethink church, orienting our worship of God to God’s presence in the community. The renovations connect us with the beauty of God’s creation by calling to mind plants, land, river, and forest.


Children's Program

We offer a children’s program called, The Children’s Celebration each Sunday during the worship service. The children join the congregation in worship; usually they will gather at the altar for a “theme talk” with the pastor or a congregant. We introduce the theme of the morning celebration and then the children leave for separate programs. We include young people in the most important events of the church, including baptisms, blessings of mission projects, blessings of people coming and going. Carolyn Harmon and Kiara Jewette lead our Children’s Celebration. Carolyn teaches a class for children. Kiara runs a nursery for toddlers and babies.

The Music

Each Sunday’s morning, celebration includes inspiring music directed by Music Minister Matthew Phillips-English.The choir rehearses at 8:30 a.m. each Sunday. Music ranges from contemporary Christian to classical or traditional favorites.

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St. Luke Activism

St. Luke is a founding member of POWER Metro, a non-partisan, multi-faith coalition working for equitable funding for education and a raise in the minimum wage in Pennsylvania.


The people of the United Methodist Church welcome all: we offer open hearts, open minds, and open doors.

In June 2019, we celebrated our fourth anniversary of the vote to become a Reconciling Congregation, officially welcoming all people, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

When you come to St. Luke, we hope you feel the presence of the Living God in the music, in the message, and in the community in this place.