St. Luke Prayer List

Pray for the end of the crisis of the Covid 19 pandemic,

including adequate testing & tracking and a way to prevent

the virus through vaccination. 

Margie Butler

Alice Dimler

Lillian Harris

Anne Kybert

Ella Lomasova

Alla Vilnyanskya, daughter of Ella Lomasova

Helma Curtiss

Marcia Krobath battling Pancreatic Cancer (Jackie Hoder)

Lauren's cousin Frank

Keith's family - Billie, Angie, Anita, Tyler, Vicky

Nancy and Tom Beard, Nancy Pantano's cousin, and her husband

Emily Palew, sister of Tammy


Ann Pilli

Charlotte, daughter of Barb Abbott

Lacy and Dale Shidemantle, and their new baby. Kara Smith's sister-in-law in Louisville, KY

Geoff Bailey and his mother Diane Bailey. friends of Jackie and Bob Hoder

Barbara Martin, friend of Anne Kybert

Mylene & David Ausdauer  

Drs. Reed & Melinda Hartson, parents of Victoria, doctors

Lynn & Cathy, Lisa's sisters, and Peter, Rick Hellberg's brother

Mary Lynne Healey, breast cancer, Lisa’s friend

Drew Foster

Michael Sharpe, car accident, 12 year cousin to Jackie H


Noah Battle & his wife Pat, pneumonia, friends of Pam and Greg


Stephanie Zouari, cancer, 5 children, Jackie


Helen Sargent, wife of Raymond Sargent

Lisa Graybill, friend of Virginia Vivino


John Nathaniel, Ellen’s friend, friend of Lisa 

Ann Gilmore


Lauren Hollomon, Susan Lomax's granddaughter 

Jacob Blake and family

The people of Ukraine, Russia, Yemen, US leaders, and for our planet.  

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