St. Luke Prayer List

Nancy Pantano


Johana Loh, student at Bryn Mawr College,

recovering from walking pneumonia.

Anne Kybert, recovering from bone marrow transplant

Margie Butler

Alice Dimler

Connie Borum, back pain

Lillian Harris, recovering from broken back

Dorothy Hull

Spencer Northcutt

Jon Cumming, jr.

Ronin James Bernheiser, son of Marisa Cumming,

Alex Conner

Anne Cooper 

Matthew Cooper

the family of George Floyd, murdered by a police officer

the family of Midred Caryer, sister of Tammy Stephens

Emily Palew, sister of Tammy

Lacy and Dale Shidemantle, and a baby waiting to be born. Lacy has pre-eclampsia and is on bedrest at 6 months. Kara Smith's sister-in-law in Louisville, KY

The family of Ahmaud Arbery, who was shot and killed in February as he was jogging in his hometown in Georgia. 

Renee Thomson-Hohl, wife of Timothy Thomson-Hohl,

has breast cancer and is starting chemotherapy

Rev. Jim McIntire, interstitial lung disease

the family of Vito Cosmo, husband of Roseanne (Roe) , and friend of Pastor Joanne

wife of Rev. Will Brawner


Mylene Ausdauer (Bohot) 

Residents and workers at the Quadrangle, Simpson House

and other senior citizen homes, as they work to contain the virus.

Drs. Reed & Melinda Hartson, parents of Victoria, doctors

Edna Williams, director of Mary Jane Enrichment Center.

Lynn & Cathy, Lisa's sisters, and Peter, Rick Hellberg's brother

Mary Lynne Healey, breast cancer, Lisa’s friend

Drew Foster

Michael Sharpe, car accident, 12 year cousin to Jackie H


Noah Battle & his wife Pat, pneumonia, friends of Pam and Greg


Stephanie Zouari, cancer, 5 children, Jackie


Helen Sargent, wife of Raymond Sargent

Marianne Hamilton, friend of Tammy Stevens

Lisa Graybill, friend of Virginia Vivino


John Nathaniel, Ellen’s friend, friend of Lisa 

Ann Gilmore


Ella Lomasova

Alla Vilnyanskya, daughter of Ella Lomasova


Lauren Hollomon, Susan Lomax's granddaughter 

All people struggling with effects of the coronavirus - caregivers, health workers, patients, family and friends


The people of US cities, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Lebanon, New Jersey, New York, US leaders, and for our planet.  

St Luke United Methodist Church

568 Montgomery Avenue (at Pennswood Road)

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

610 525-2396

Sunday Service: 10 a.m.

Children's Celebration: 10:15 a.m.

Bible Study: Dates will be announced

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